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The School of Life is a London-based global organisation who’s purpose is to help people understand their selves and the world we live in. The organisation operates 10 schools located throughout theĀ  world in such cities as Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Sao Paula.

The School of Life website, offers many self-help products, such as prompt cards confidence, career crisis, and know thyself; along with books and videos. There is also a blog, entitled The Book of Life, which offers great reading. The School of Life’s hope is that people will stop and take a moment to think, really think. This is the same goal of this blog.

The best way to access the curriculum of the School of Life is through their YouTube channel. The channel is updated every Tuesday and Thursday, and has featured videos with such titles as: “Asking For Help When We’re In Trouble”, “In Praise of Bias”, “How We Lie to Ourselves”, and “How to be A Man”.

I highly recommend it.

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