Loneliness of Love


I have accepted that I will be alone many eons ago. I am satisfied that I will never experience that great reward called “true love”. I am resolute with the fact that I will never have the gift of a child. Many will say that there is someone out there for you. The thing is that those that say that have found their equal. The truth is they have no concept of the dire feelings of those of us that will never share in that joyous bounty.
But, what is “true love”? Is it the love of that special someone or for some, the love of child or even the love of God? Is it unconditional as that of a pet to its owner? Some have passion for a talent as an athlete loves his sport.
Many stand by the love of family. Yet, many times the love that stems from blood can be a burden. It is the love of expectation from the family that has destroyed many a one. The love of family is never with malice, but many a son or daughter has felt the weight of parental ideas of a good life. Parents always “want the best” for them yet, is it the best for mom, or dad, or is it the best for the child.
Then, there is the love from finding a special someone. Some people find that special someone many times over. Then, there are those of us that will never find that person. We will never awake each day with the knowledge that there is someone that has given up their freedom to love us. We will never enjoy a date of ecstasy and contentment. We will never say,” I love you” and mean forever.
There will be many flings and unbridled moments of passion in our lives. We will not be constantly saddened by rejection. Yet, those moments become hollow in a quick time. For, like all, we desire love, that is, “true love”.
I feel so alone.