I am bereft of silence. I spend each day as a prisoner of noise, and I fear I will never be able to escape to a place of solitude. It is the sounds of civilization that haunt me. It is the deafening words of man that slowly, piece by piece, eat away my soul. All I hear is vile entraptments put forth by the this sordid world we live in. Will I never hear of joy, or of hope again?

The makings of my past has presented my current verdict. I am guilty of prior transgressions, and must serve penance. I placed myself in this confinement, and it will be up to me to escape when the times come. It is my sanity that is in danger of being lost while I serve my sentence.

I desire to see that vacuum of space where there is nothing. I cherish each moment of stillness as they give my soul rest. I worry if I will ever experience freedom. For, it seems I have been spurned of the piece of calming time.