Is Iowa State University Limiting Free Speech?


I read an article in the Forbes Media Windows app that is so disconcerting. Here is the link:

What is so disconcerting is that the ability to assert free speech is being dissolved more and more each day. The biggest culprits of free speech enforcement are government institutions. In this particular case, it is a public university.

Universities at one time were known as the bastions where purveyors of free speech thrived. Free speech has always been fought by university administrators, especially in the late 60’s and early 70’s during the time of the Vietnam War. But in the end, free speech advocates, or the students always prevailed. Now, Iowa State University wants to stop free speech before it can even happen.

As the Forbes article mentions, students must go through “harassment” training. Refusing to submit to the training, which consist of 118 slides would result in withholding a student’s diploma.

One student by the name Robert Dunn has refused, and now in such a situation. He has sued Iowa State University. The Forbes article mentioned that in previous cases such as this, the institution has almost lost each time.

The problem with these policies is that they are so vague. As we live in a world where everyone is so over-sensitive, and victimized, anyone can claim harassment for the slightest thing. That is the problem with these policies. How does one define free speech and what constitutes harassment?

I hope Robert Dunn wins his case for it would be a win for all of us, especially for myself. I haven’t offended anyone yet, but I am sure it will happen soon. Not that I would even care, I would just offer some cheese to go with their wine.