Random Musing Cogitation #6

Promotion of diversity is the hot trend among corporations and government organizations. Everyone wants to present the appearance of inclusion. Diversification that allows for participation of all creeds, religions, and sexes is always a good thing.

Diversity programs allows for the hiring of more minorities and in these current times, even sexual orientation has been pursued. Organizations appear in high esteem when they can wave the “diversity” flag.  But, there is a problem.

Many organizations are very sincere in their efforts to support diversification. There are still many organizations though, in which diversification rings hollow. It especially takes place in the smaller corporations in which they hire one or two minorities, or  promote a women to a management position to prove their diversity. Some companies even hire disabled veterans so that they can get a tax deduction. I know of many veterans that will not reveal that they are disabled because they do not want to be “used”.

Lastly, many organizations love to conduct events that promote diversity. In all honesty, these events are a joke. The people who attend these events believe in diversity. People who do not believe in diversity, that is racist, homo-phobics, or those who believe their religion is the only religion that matters – never attend those type of events. So, if the objective of these events were to spread the message of diversity, then all have failed.