Random Musing Cogitation #1


Okay, so I sit in my Introduction to Rhetorical Studies class and some days, I just want to scream. It’s all Trump this, and Trump that. Now I said no politics ever on this site, and I meant that. I don’t want my site ruined by over-opinionated banter from the masses. That said, there some things I need to get off my chest:

  1. If the emails from the Democratic National Headquarters was exposed by a respected American news outlet like the Wall Street Journal, or say, the New York Times, would that make Trump’s election legitimate?
  2. ┬áThere was a published article a month ago that said the Russians didn’t hack the DNC. It said a Department of Defense Security Specialist did it because he hated the lax attention Hilary had toward national secrets.
  3. Did the Russians force people to vote for Trump?
  4. Might the American public have actually chose Trump over Hilary?
  5. When are the Democrats going to address the corruption exposed by the email leaks, or the liberal media for that matter?
  6. Oh, Jimmy Carter issued a Muslim ban too.