Refusal of Understanding

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One of the biggest stories in the news currently is the anthem protest being conducted by professional black athletes, specifically those employed by the National Football League.

Many have proclaimed that these protests are an insult to veterans, a disrespect to the flag, and the United States in general.

I would like to address the matter of the protests insulting veterans. I am a veteran, and I do not feel insulted. I have spoken with many veterans of all races and creeds, and not one has stated that they were insulted. In fact, many have expressed support for the protests. We served because we believe in fighting for what we believed what was right. We believe in every American having the right to say and do as they please. I have as of yet to hear any veteran organization to come out against the protests. The main problem with this argument is when people who are not veterans begin speaking for veterans. We can speak for ourselves.

Now to the matter of the protests being disrespectful. What is disrespectful are the claims themselves. The reason is that no one is willing to address why the protests are taking place in the first place. If all one cares about is respecting the American flag, and not why someone is protesting, then that person obviously does not care about the issues that brought about protests to begin with.

Most of the protesters are black males. This very fact may make one construe that the owners of the “disrespect” claim are racist. Racism is the heart of the matter for the protests, and the resulting claims.

As long as this country, the National Football League along with its owners, and the media lives in complete denial, this issue will never go away.

People forget one thing, professional athletes are people too. They have feelings and opinions like the rest of us. They also have the means to address the major issues of the world. This is something that many of us do not have. When athletes stand up for what they believe is right, then they should be celebrated, and not vilified.

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