Disney Has Gone Too Far

Disney has gone too far. I am an avid fan of Star Wars, so I will watch any show related to the franchise. Last year, I discovered Star Wars Rebels which is broadcast on Disney XD. So, I downloaded the Disney XD app on my Roku to catch up, but I could only watch the third season.

Okay, I figured I would give Disney’s Roku app a shot, and lo and behold, the app had all the seasons. Well, I was one happy camper then. I made it to the middle of the first season, then took a break for the Christmas holiday.

Last week I logged onto the Disney to continue watching Season One. Would you believe seasons One to Three were no where to be found? I checked the XD app – ditto. I even checked the website – same thing.

What is up with that Disney? Did you have a secret merger with CBS? (I’m referring to keeping Star Trek on CBS All-Access. Like that is really smart!) I understand wanting to control the broadcast rights. I did not know it meant NOT broadcasting certain shows. In this case, an animated show that even adults would want to watch. Is Disney planning to move all their Star Wars content to a pay channel?