MLK Bandwagon

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It is on this day that we celebrate the life of a great man, that is, the life of Martin Luther King. Of course, one cannot help but see references on the news about special ceremonies being help by our elected officials. There is also a plethora of references or quotes to Martin Luther King all over social media.

Basically, today is the day everyone jumps on the “MLK” bandwagon. Today we will see all those photos, or hear all those quotes. We will see stories of how Martin Luther King has changed their lives.

Strange enough, it is almost never people of color who are the ones that talk about how Martin Luther King has changed their lives. And another thing – have you ever noticed that black people say “Martin Luther King”, while white people always say “Doctor King”?

While all the acknowledgement is appreciated, come tomorrow, we will not see or hear a peep about Martin Luther King. And – that is the real problem. Until more people talk and practice the words of Martin Luther King not just one day of the year, but practice everyday of the year, we will never reach a point of unity.

Maybe today should be called MLK Bandwagon Day.

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