There Is Always Someone Worse Off Than You

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I know how it is sometimes. You look in your completely full refrigerator because your hungry, and you realize that you don’t want any of the food you bought at the Walmart just the other day. Or, how about the times when you are trying to watch Netflix, play your online game while chatting with your best friend on the phone, and your WiFi is so freaking slow? Isn’t life a bitch sometimes? Well, cry me river, and suck it up buttercup; because there is always someone worse off than you.

If you live in a house, with a refrigerator that has food in it – which would mean you have electricity. And, you have WiFi so you can watch Netflix and a mobile phone, then guess what: YOU ARE BETTER OFF THAN 90 PERCENT OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION.

Let’s look at some of the statistics. Based on data from, nearly one-half of the world’s population, which is more than 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. In fact, more than 1,3 billion live in extreme poverty. It is estimated the 1 billion of those persons are children. UNICEF statistics indicate that 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

750 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Inadequate drinking water causes diarrhea, and also decreased sanitation, and overall hygiene. Estimates show that 842,000, or approximately 2,300 per day, die as a result.

Don’t care about the rest of the world? Fine, let’s talk about the United States. Based on 2016 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the official poverty rate is 12.7 percent. This means that 43.1 million Americans live in poverty. Good thing the War on Poverty was declared back in the 1960s, or things could be much worse.

There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone. Yet, 41.2 million Americans suffer from malnutrition, which 12.9 million are children. 42.3 million Americans currently rely on SNAP, (Supplemental Assistance Program), of which 83 percent currently live below the poverty line.

1.2 billion, or 16 percent of the world’s population have little or no access to electricity. Only 62.9 percent of the world’s population own cell phones. How are the other 37 percent going to check email? Only 40 percent of the world’s population has internet access. That means 60 percent are missing out on Netflix. The United States is much better off in that regard. 84 percent of U.S. households own a computer, with 73 percent having internet access.

So, before you complain about anything, remember there are those in the world that suffer greatly.

I can understand about bitching about the WiFi, as I have AT&T.

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