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One of my favorite YouTube channels is entitled “Bright Side”. The channels offers some of the most informative content on the internet. The explanations are simple and straight to the point.

I have tested many of their suggestions and they do actually work. After watching one particular video, I never throw away my egg shells or banana peels, but instead, I will put the chopped remains in my container garden or compost.

Bright Side has produced videos in the past months such as: “12 Food Secrets Stores are Hiding from You”, “Bury an Egg In Your Garden, and See What Grows Later”, “How to Easily Tell Natural Spices from Fakes”, and “There is Only One Thing that Influences Your Weight”.

Yesterday, a video was published entitled “Before You Start Taking Vitamins, Watch This to Avoid Problems”. This video covered how your current medication can influence vitamin absorption. It also covered how some vitamins must be taken together in combination with other vitamins, for example, vitamin B should be used in conjunction with vitamin C. There is one warning about the video. The background music sounds like it should be in the foreground; so understanding the speaker may be a problem at times. But ones who are hearing impaired, like I am, Bright Side always uses diagrams and text in their animations, so comprehension should not be a problem.

Here is a link to the video:

Bright Side: Before You Start Taking Vitamins, Watch This to Avoid Problems

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