Living With A Blood Disease

The Musing Cogitator's Blood Removal
The Musing Cogitator’s Blood Removal

As stated in a previous post, I was diagnosed as having a blood disease called hemochromatosis.

This week, I had my second blood removal, which is properly known as phlebotomy. The procedure is simple enough, it’s just like blood donation.

Only, I am not donating blood that may save someone’s life. In fact, as of now, I am not allowed to donate blood. In fact, should I ever require surgery, I must use my own blood. My blood is like a poison to anybody else, in addition to it being a poison to myself. That is somewhat extreme, yet in essence, it is the truth.

Yesterday was harrowing. After the removal was completed, I feel my usual dizziness. Fifteen minutes later, trepidation had set in. I was completely disoriented; my vision became totally blurry, and nearly collapsed. The nurses have to observe you for thirty minutes, so I received assistance immediately. It took nearly a whole hour before I could leave the clinic.

I had was informed that my iron levels were high over ten years ago and it was mentioned more than once over the next couple of years after. I was living in Las Vegas when I first heard of high iron. Before moving back home this year, I resided in Atlanta. My doctors there never said a word about it.  Now I am finally back in my hometown, and my new doctors are scrambling to get me treatment.

I went through a period of extreme anger. I wondered why my doctors in Atlanta did not see the problem, while everyone else did. I am less bitter, but the thought stills sits in the back of mind.

Up next is a MRI to check my liver for any signs of cirrhosis, along with my pancreas and thyroid. Plus, I saw a nutritionist today. My diet needs to be closely monitored, especially when considering my iron intake. No cereal, citrus, or raw seafood. Red meat and blue fin tuna consumption must be kept to a minimum.

Thank you all for support.





I Have A Blood Disease Called Hemochromatosis

I have been diagnosed as having a blood disease which is named hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a condition of a person absorbing too much iron from food.

I had known that my iron level was too high for the last ten years, as my physicians had mentioned in years past. Finally, someone is very concerned.

I have dealt with constant pain and fatigue my whole adult life. I regularly expressed this to my physicians, who would take x-rays, or perform other tests. Yet, each time results came back negative. I wondered many times if my physicians even cared or were just blowing me off.

I switched to a new physician who decided to request blood tests, and next thing you know, I’m seeing physicians with titles I never knew existed.

I have seen four different specialist in the past week alone. I have appointments with more in the coming weeks. I been scheduled for a MRI on my liver, thyroid and pancreas.

The only treatment is removal of blood until my iron levels are down. I just had my first removal this week, and will have blood removed weekly for the next three months. After that, I will have to have blood removed monthly for life.

I now must change my diet; shellfish consumption must cease. I must watch my intake of red meat, and stop the use of cast iron pans as the iron leaches out.

Physicians have informed me that if my iron levels are not controlled, iron could accumulate in my organs, and therefore become fatal.

This past month has been intense to say the least. I have a lot of lifestyle changes to make, but I will carry on.

On a good note, I saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.