Yahoo Sells Out To The Feds


Based on an exclusive story published by Reuters, Yahoo complied with a demand by the U.S. government to scan all incoming email. The main crux of the issue is not what Yahoo did but what our federal government is doing.

The fact that the federal government can request or demand that entities with large caches of data turn over said data without impunity is very disturbing. The government operates under the guise of preventing terrorism, which might be true, but disturbing none the less. The problem is when the information is in other means.

For example, what if the Internal Revenue Service request access to data to track down tax evaders? Maybe the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms could use the data to track down gun owners. Some day, the Federal Bureau of Investigation could use the data to determine if a crime is about to be committed. You could local law enforcement show up at your door and arrest you on suspicion on intending to do a crime. Anybody remember the movie “Minority Report.” The Orwellian society is no myth; it is here and now.