Volvo’s Planned Fight Against Bullying


A Young Musing Cogitator
A Young Musing Cogitator

In a Business Insider Australia article, written by Rob Price, entitled “Britain’s first self-driving cars will be unmarked so aggressive drivers don’t bully them”, Volvo plans to begin leasing self-driving cars in Great Britain.

Volvo plans to begin the program in 2018. What makes this story interesting is Volvo plans to produce unmarked vehicles to prevent bullying from aggressive drivers.

Volvo’s thinking is that if a car is marked self-driven, drivers in other vehicles will disregard road courtesies that they may give to others in manually-driven cars. Honestly, Volvo’s premise is correct. People will cut a self-driving car off in traffic, or act like a bunch of asses by tailgating. If someone knew a car was self-driven, they would not worry about road rage.

Cities in the future should maybe consider a lane dedicated to self-driven vehicles, as they are coming and the matter will need to be addressed sooner or later. Self-driven vehicles will never go over the speed limit, or cut others off, or tailgate. Of course, this would piss other drivers off, especially here in the Atlanta area where a speed limit sign seems to be a reminder of the minimum speed and not the intended maximum.

It probably won’t take long before there is an accident between some over-aggressive driver and a self-driven vehicle, with the self-driver receiving most of the blame.¬†What I want is a self-driven Ferrari, or Lamborghini. Having one of those would nip road bullying in the bud.

I digress, so back to Volvo. If the cars look like “regular” cars, there should not be any problems. But, if the look like a toy RC car, then unmarked or not, Volvo will not have solved anything.

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