It Was Just A Matter of Time


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It was just a matter of time before we would experience news of a mass killing from an active stabber. The unfortunate happening appeared July 26, of this year, in Sagamihara, Japan, which is west of Tokyo, at an assisted-care facility. A 26-year old man, who is named Satoshi Uematsu, and who was a former employee of the facility, stabbed to death 19 people and injured 20 more. Uematsu then turned himself in to the local police.
I do not wish to make light of the event, but this gives us impetus to correct, improve and prepare for prevention for things like this in the future. It is time for the U.S. to review all the previous wrongs as it relates to firearms and not let the same things happen as it relates to knives. So, I would offer some suggestions as to keep an event such as what happened in Japan away from American soil.

First, the President of the United States should declare martial law. Immediately after declaration, with the assistance of the military and law enforcement, there should be a sweep of every American home and person to remove all knives, even butter knives.
The U.S. Department of Education should design a program in the proper use of knives and make it mandatory training at all United States elementary and high schools. Any state that does not participate will have its federal funding withheld.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation should set up a background check for all inhabitants of United States, both citizens and illegals. Anyone visiting the United States must pass a certification program and background check before being allowed to enter the country. All knife dealers must be federally approved and will be the only establishments allowed to sell knives. Patrons who have passed the background check will only be allowed to purchase from these dealers. Potential patrons must file a request to purchase with the FBI prior to each purchase. Anyone found with possession of an unlicensed knife would be arrested and given life imprisonment.
The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be renamed the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Knives, or ATFK , for short. This will allow for enforcement of knife laws at the Federal level. The ATFK would then work with local law enforcement entities in the capture and prosecution of illegal knife owners. Congress should act immediately to fund the federal budget the ensure the proper moneys are available. The President should add a Cabinet position, entitled the Knife Czar, to ensure proper implementation and enforcement of all knife laws.
For the citizens, I recommend beginning a new organization, the National Knife Association, or NKA. This is to ensure that law-abiding citizens are treated fairly by the government entities. The NKA should work with law enforcement to develop active stabber training for all citizens.
If we would all work together, we can stop knife violence before it even happens.

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