I Was Touched In An Inappropriate Manner

It is like a curse that has weighed heavily on my soul these many years. It is that bight of shame that has shadowed my existence; eating away at me day by day.

It still remember that day as if it was happening in the now. I was around 14 years old at the time. Like all boys, we would hang around, running and playing in the streets.

One day, I went along with others over to a friend’s house. We went down in the basement. I had the curiosities that come along with puberty during that time. In that basement we found a hidden stack of magazines with pictures – pictures of naked women.

Our bodies lost control, our hearts raced as we flipped through the pages. We looked at each other, but at first we said nothing as we knew what each of us of thinking. Moments later, we heard the voice of our friend’s mother making the announcement for ice cream. So, we all had our ice cream, and all was forgotten.

But, all was not forgotten. Later that day, as I went to bed, the memory of those naked women entered my mind. My body lost control, and that was when it happened. Before I could put up any defense, I realized that I had touched myself in an inappropriate manner.

After I realized what had happened, I began to do the wrong thing, and that was to cover up what took place in that moment. I kept what had happened to me a secret in fear of being shamed. Never a word was spoken all these years.

Now, others are finally coming forward and speaking up about their experiences. They have finally decided to stop being victims and start being owners of their lives. Like them, I can finally move forward with my life. Revealing what happened to me has released my soul from that pit of shame.


MLK Bandwagon

It is on this day that we celebrate the life of a great man, that is, the life of Martin Luther King. Of course, one cannot help but see references on the news about special ceremonies being help by our elected officials. There is also a plethora of references or quotes to Martin Luther King all over social media.

Basically, today is the day everyone jumps on the “MLK” bandwagon. Today we will see all those photos, or hear all those quotes. We will see stories of how Martin Luther King has changed their lives.

Strange enough, it is almost never people of color who are the ones that talk about how Martin Luther King has changed their lives. And another thing – have you ever noticed that black people say “Martin Luther King”, while white people always say “Doctor King”?

While all the acknowledgement is appreciated, come tomorrow, we will not see or hear a peep about Martin Luther King. And – that is the real problem. Until more people talk and practice the words of Martin Luther King not just one day of the year, but practice everyday of the year, we will never reach a point of unity.

Maybe today should be called MLK Bandwagon Day.


Disney Has Gone Too Far

Disney has gone too far. I am an avid fan of Star Wars, so I will watch any show related to the franchise. Last year, I discovered Star Wars Rebels which is broadcast on Disney XD. So, I downloaded the Disney XD app on my Roku to catch up, but I could only watch the third season.

Okay, I figured I would give Disney’s Roku app a shot, and lo and behold, the app had all the seasons. Well, I was one happy camper then. I made it to the middle of the first season, then took a break for the Christmas holiday.

Last week I logged onto the Disney to continue watching Season One. Would you believe seasons One to Three were no where to be found? I checked the XD app – ditto. I even checked the website – same thing.

What is up with that Disney? Did you have a secret merger with CBS? (I’m referring to keeping Star Trek on CBS All-Access. Like that is really smart!) I understand wanting to control the broadcast rights. I did not know it meant NOT broadcasting certain shows. In this case, an animated show that even adults would want to watch. Is Disney planning to move all their Star Wars content to a pay channel?


A Mini Carolina Panthers Fan Rant

The Carolina Panthers should have won that playoff game yesterday.

As usual, the Panthers are their own worst enemy. I am proud because the team played their hearts out, but it was the little things that hurt them in the end.

First, the Kaelin Clay drop in the end zone. Had he caught that pass, which quarterback Cam Newton, had thrown to the perfect spot, the Panthers would have been up by six points going up into the final two minutes of the game.

Next comes the missed kick by kicker Graham Gano. It was a 25 yard chip shot. A distance no kicker in the NFL should miss. Had Gano made that kick, the Panthers would have needed only a field goal to win the game. Instead, the Panthers needed a touchdown to win. Not an impossible ask, yet an nearly impossible ask.

The number one priority for the Panthers is improvement of the offensive line, who’s play this year was offensive. I believe in good old-fashion smash mouth football and good defense. History shows teams who can run the football and can stop the run win championships.

Even the San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s had a great running game backed up by good defenses. Just ask the Dan Marino-led Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX about defense.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is getting his but kicked because the team can’t run nor can they protect during a pass. It does show how good Newton really is to overcome the deficiencies and still win.

I am getting tired of waiting for next year.